Rabu, 13 Agustus 2008

Nintendo Wii – Review

Advantages: Innovative controller design provides excellent motion-sensitive gameplay possibilities; included Wi-Fi offers you access to free online services and gameplay; Virtual Console appeals evokes a positive nostalgia feeling; Wii is compatible with all GameCube games and controllers available on the market; you can store and view your photos thanks to a SD slot; includes Wii Sports game; currently it is most affordable game console you will find.

Problems: Controller requires lots of batteries’ power and requires some time to get used to; online gaming and community options are disrupted by terrible “friends code” system; nunchuk controller is unfortunately sold separately; there is no advanced HD graphics and surround sound that are present on the Xbox 360 and the PS3; the console needs a wired receiver unit located close to a TV to interface with wireless controllers; it is impossible to play CDs or DVDs.

The Wiimote: In contrast to other next-gen systems, the Wii has one significant feature that simply proves Wii to be a success. The Wiimote. The Wii’s controller makes use of motion sensing technology in order to interact with games. For instance, in the Legend of Zelda, you swing your sword simply by making small slashing gestures with the Wiimote. In another game, the Wiimote is held like a baseball bat and swung in order to hit a ball. The Wiimote is tracked in 3D space, involving rotational orientation, and can also be applied as a pointer on the TV due to an infrared sensor bar.

The bottom line: Although it doesn’t give you the graphical excellence and powerful media features of the Xbox 360 and the PS3, the Nintendo Wii’s mixture of unique motion-sensitive controllers and focus on fun gameplay make the extremely-affordable console an item hard to resist.

Let me just mention about the very attractive price of Nintendo Wii. Certainly the actual price of Wii may be different depending on the shop, but in all cases it should be affordable for all gaming fans. Personally I would recommend searching for the cheapest offer on the web. From my own experience I have found out that both Nintendo Wii and all available accessories can be bought for a very decent price on Amazon.com. Moreover, this shop offers you various discounts and additional offers, so my advice it to buy your gaming device there.

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